What is Brainstorm Creative?

A creative group of heads that decided that comics can take the boredom out of any type of information dissemination, and that kids and adults are affected by images that reach inside and touch that part of the brain that screams for something different. Comics aren't just for Sunday morning giggles; they can communicate your message, therapy, or whatever you want with intelligent simplicity that cuts to the chase.

At Brainstorm we communicate through Comics with a cutting edge display of talent.
Our Process

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PA Game CommissionPA Department of Ed/PA Game Commission - Ever wonder what the heck is in those wetlands and why they are so important? Yeah us either, until we got hooked up with the PA Department of Education and the PA Game Commission. Next thing we know we’re sticking humans the size of an amoeba in a comic to teach kids the things we never learned in school about swamp stuff.

Berks County Juvenile ProbationBerks County Juvenile Probation - Senior Judge Art E. Grim thought it would be a great idea to help first-time juvenile offenders understand the ramifications of their actions through a medium they could relate to. Brainstorm is in production on a visceral comic to help them understand the effects of their actions on their victims.

Baker Victory ServicesBaker Victory Services - In the early 1900’s, Father Baker, the "Padre to the Poor" and a true man of faith, found his calling and established his "City of Charity" to care for hundreds of infants and youth. His legacy lives on with Baker Victory Services. Their schools in Buffalo help disadvantaged youth to become true achievers. Brainstorm is proud to assist in that goal with our Rally Race comic on understanding S.E.L.F. , a trauma-informed psycho-educational group curriculum.

Compass Mark We're working with Compass Mark to create an interactive web comic book which utilizes a new trend with its animated web presence. Compass Mark wants to stop binge drinking and save teen lives...so do we!

Pace Schools

Pace School is a top notch placement option in Pittsburgh. They saw a great way to deliver their message with three comic books and an interactive website to communicate how they are separating themselves as a K-9 school focused on emotional challenges and autism. We are proud to be helping them help others.
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"I really liked your comic, Journey into the S.E.L.F. I think unresolved trauma, "gnawing at you like a scaly, itchy rash you can't reach to scratch," explains it perfectly. The images really capture the spirit of the comic as well. Great work!"
Dr. Kathleeen Mojas, Ph.D.
Trauma Therapist