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This is our shameless look at how great we are section! Don’t tell the owners however; they’d fire us if they knew we were touting their accomplishments.

Actually, we just wanted to give back, live a life that was rewarding, and make some money. So far the plan is on track. We love what we do, especially when we can make our clients laugh.

Some other people noticed

Brainstorm Creative was instrumental in helping us put the abstract concepts of Trauma Informed Care and the Sanctuary Model into a format that our children, families and staff could understand. When new students look at the comic books they see our campus and some of our staff within the pages. Most importantly, they can see themselves and how they can beat “trauma” and have a bright future.

Our experience with the Brainstorm team was transformative. We could not have produced such a high quality and professional product without their experience and guidance. It was an immense pleasure working with them on this project.

Pamela D. McCullough
Devereux Children’s Behavioral Health Services
Brandywine Education Director

Kipplingers Somehow we got Kiplingers to care.
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